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Global LaminatesENTRY & BACKUP



Code: LC-110

FLEX Phenolic Board (LC-110) is made from perfectly denatured phenolic resin and wood-pulp paper. Our proprietary formulation, state-of-the-art production facilities and uncompromising quality control ensure this material a superior drilling performance

Special Features

  • Minimizes burring –flat, hard surface for maximum support to minimize burring.
  • Increase hole quality –specially formulated, fully cured resin will not contaminate holes.
  • Excellent to be used as drill entry as well as routing cover sheet


Technical Data

Available Thickness

& Tolerance


± 10%




90±3 Shore D

Moisture <5% Surface Finish Glossy and Yellow
Warpage ≤0. 6% of diagonal Density 1350±50kg/m3
Standard Sizes

18”x24”, 37”x49”, 43”x49” most panel sizes are available.

More information please consult your local distributor.

Global Flex Phenolic should remain in its original packing until use. It should be stored under the same temperature and humidity conditions that surround the working area. Rapid change of these conditions will cause moisture fall out resulting in subsequent warpage.

Best storage @ 18~25℃ / <60% RH

Shelf life:

① best stored at the above condition with an unbroken origin pack is 12 months after shipment.

② if recover and seal the unpacked materials in 48 hours: 30days from re-packing

③ no guarantees if unpacked materials remains unpacked status over 30 days