Lamination Products and Release Films

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Release Films

For your lamination stackups we supply Accuply’s 0.001″ Release Film (Accuply 10) in either cut and tooled panel or by the roll. We also stock .055″ paper-based lamination press pads specifically designed for even heat dissipation and even pressure across your multilayer PCBs.  These can be supplied either tooled or untooled.  

Accuply® 10 Laminating Release Film

A premium multi-use, matte-finish, double-sided release film that will release from most synthetic resin systems. It’s superb release properties at particularly high temperatures make this a uniquely versatile product & complete laminating solution.
Accuply®10 is rated to have an operating temperature to 204°C (400°F) and individual testing may prove to extend this range.

base thickness of 25 mm / .001”

standard widths to 1321 mm / 52”

standard lengths of 1067 meters / 3500 feet

operating temperatures to 204°C / 400°F

cellulose press pads global laminates

Cellulose Press Pads

0.055” heat and pressure dissipating lamination press pads.