Increased Capacity, Precision, and Opportunities in 2018

In January 2018 Global Laminates has doubled its cutting capacity with the addition of a new vertical CNC panel saw.  The brand new programmable HP3 allows tolerances to +/-0.005″ while increasing stack heights (greater capacity) and doubling the horsepower for cleaner cuts and improved dust collection.  This equipment was brought in specifically to service our customers in the plastics industry where saw cutting can replace time on the routing table without sacrificing accuracy.  But it also will serve the PCB industry by improving shipping times and cut quality on all of our consumable products.

Global has also increased our profile with manufacturers of PCBA test fixtures who require high dimensional precision on thick G10, FR4, and G10/ESD panels up to 0.500″ thick.  Our stock on these products has increased and is expected to continue to do so throughout 2018.  Our pricing for these materials continues to be very competitive and with the support of our suppliers provides our customers an opportunity to reduce their construction costs with every new job.  Please call for a quote: (603) 373-8323