Drill Room

Drill Room: 37” x 49”, 43” x 49”, 18” x 24”, or custom cut. Tooled or untooled.

Drill Backers

Tekboard, Viaclean95, EF-26, and EF-650

Tekboard: 0.099” High Density Fiberboard, Brown – Most economical

ViaClean95: White melamine-coated 0.095” Hard white surface over MDF core for clean holes. Ideal for small hole drilling or anytime contamination in the via is a concern.

EF-26: Coated MDF Core designed for burr-suppression in softer metals such as aluminum and heavy copper thicknesses.  Ideal for IMS manufacturing.

EF-650: Multilayered Coated HDF Backer designed for small diameter tools and improved hole wall quality and extended tool wear.

Drill Entry

Aluminum Entry, Pilot DE, Phenolic Entry, T-Foil, Viaclean16

Aluminum Entry: The industry standard (0.0075”) for economical drilling for reduced burrs and clean entry and exit.

Pilot DE: Lubricated aluminum drill entry uses a soft resin surface and cooling technology the Pilot DE75 (0.0075”) improves registration by reducing tool deflection on the point of contact and improves hole-wall quality and tool wear by keeping tool temps low. Also stocked in DE50 (0.0050”) and DE100 (0.0100”). Please review data sheet for tool size recommendations.

T-Foil: Engineered for controlled depth accuracy.  A soft 0.015” phenolic, one side laminated with a 0.18um aluminum foil to act both a conductive ply to actuate depth calculations and a burr-suppressing layer. Aluminum thickness tolerance is +/-2um.  An ideal product for back-drilling. More information on the Data Sheet Page or call for a more detailed presentation.

Viaclean16: The thinner 0.016” drill entry version of our other melamine-coated products. A hard glossy white surface coating a soft MDF core for clean burr-free and dust/debris free holes for both drilling and routing.

Phenolic Entry: A low-cost hard phenolic 0.012”,.016″ or .024″ surface that eliminates pressure foot denting and keeps the burrs at bay when routing or scoring any metal thickness.  Orange/Rust in color.