Composite CCL

CEM-1 Global Laminates
37” x 49”, 43” x 49”, 18” x 24”, or custom cut

CCP-508(SW) Cellulose-based dielectric substrate epoxy/phenolic resin system with woven glass face sheets. Ideal for single sided, punched, or non-plated applications. Manufactured by Chang Chun Plastics in Taiwan. Available in 1/0, 2/0, and 1/1.Certified to IPC4101/10 and UL94V-O. Full data sheets available with all electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties are listed in our “Certifications” page.

CEM-3: CCP308 and CCP308(TC). The “TC” is the thermally conductive version of the popular CCP-308 at 1.5W/mK. Because it is platable and punchable as no other product, the CEM-3 family has found many new applications where both high volume and heat transfer from the surface are major concerns.

CEM-1 .059 2/0 37” x 49”
CEM-1 .059 2/0 43” x 49”
CEM-1 .059 1/0 37” x 49”
CEM-1 .059 1/0 43” x 49”